Friday, 28 December 2012

Technology Twist Hits Mbale.

There used to be a handful of software developers and a big number of aspiring developers. The latter used to do their best while still in institutions here in Mbale. But when they graduated, there were many gaps to fill after joining the world of real challenges that needed first class and cutting edge technology to address, they gave up and diverted to other fields and business.
With the formation of Google Developer Group Mbale 
(GDG Mbale) in 2011, there was a big sweep towards innovation as developers and aspiring developers got a platform and podium to share, learn, collaborate and network. GDG Mbale gave them hope and it has acted as a source of motivation through the monthly events organised around various Google developer technologies , Application Programming Interfaces(APIs), open source technologies and joining the rest of the world during big Google developer conferences, Google IO for one. 
Participants of GDG DevFest Mbale at work

Events like GDG DevFest Mbale 2012 that had over 120 participants that included faculty members from Islamic University In Uganda and Uganda Christian University Mbale campus, developers and students from almost all institutions in Mbale were a source of inspiration. Despite some challenges this event was a success with speaker sessions and code lab about developing web apps using python and Google  AppEngine. Thanks to Google, our gold sponsor and Orange Service Center Mbale for the help that made it a success.
MapUp Mbale was another event that caught developers attention as they mapped business and places of interest in Mbale town. The MapUp was organised to improve Mbale on Google Maps and also contribute data that developers can utilize by developing apps that use location based capabilities through the use of google maps API and google places API.
Some of the participants at MapUp Mbale in a group photo

Currently we have developers involving in sessions where they are taught how to develop mobile application on the android platform. Soon we will be a having a place where cool like minded developers come together to share, collaborate and learn as they strive to innovate for the web and mobile platform.

The year 2013 will be great because we have a great lineup of events that will bring participants up to speed innovating for the web and mobile platforms. We will also have some special programs targeting and inspiring women developers. We hope to have apps on Google play come 2013, help Secondary school in Mbale to adopt and use school management information systems developed by developers in Mbale and many more cool things as we progress.

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