Thursday, 21 February 2013

DevFestW and Africa Android Challenge

As busy as a bee, that is all what African developers and their communities are up-to. The year began in style for the developer communities here in Africa, as they were getting ready for various DevFestW events, Africa Android Challenge was launched!
DevFestW is series of community-led events that have technical sessions centered around Google Developer Technologies and platforms. These events are focused on bringing together women in local developer communities to teach, learn, code and network. 

They are organized with the community needs in mind which makes them the best for the targeted audience. It is a fact that women are not involved heavily in technology activities and sessions as men, so DevFestW is here to address this and also bridge the big gap between women and cutting edge technology participation. At GDG Mbale DevFestW will take place on 30 March at Kayira Complex hotel from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There will be a lot to learn, share and code. Those in Mbale or near and wish to attend this big event please fill the form here! For those out side Mbale please check out with a near by Google Developer Group (GDG) from here or find out which GDG is near you for details.

Africa Android Challenge(AAC) launched on 5th Feb 2013, this presents an opportunity to discover the best developers, Android experts and hidden talents on the African continent. We at GDG Mbale encourage women to get involved in this challenge just like men. Last year's AAC, there were cool prizes and benefits including Android phones, Tablets and many more cool things. AAC 2012 was cool with several teams and individuals from different countries in Africa wining many cool prizes ranging from Android phones(Google Nexus One) to All expenses paid for trip to G|<country>.
AAC 2012 involved 21 countries in Africa with 132 courses and applications submitted, it was a success. Hopefully this year the number will grow big. What is required of developers or teams is simple, just develop an app in one of the following categories:

  • Education / Reference
  • Games: Arcade / Action
  • Social Networking
  • Life Style
  • Productivity
  • Media an Entertainment 
  • Travel, Misc and many other area. You can also develop a course about android and still win!
The apps developed in the categories mentioned should be driven by and for local content. It will also be very cool for those that will use Google Apps for Android in their developments as these will fit in a another section but in the above categories. As the whole of Africa will be "geeking" on the Android platform, there will GDG Barcamp events across Africa to peak the AAC 2013 season.
The Agenda for the AAC 2013 is as follows:
Feb 05, 2013 - Africa Android Challenge announced
Feb 05, 2013 - Submission site opens ( work in progress)
April 05, 2013 - Deadline for submitting apps or courses
April 10, 2013 - End of first round, judges announce first round winners and re-submission start
May 10, 2013 - Deadline for re-submitting of app and courses.
May 15, 2013 - Final judging end and winners announce just in time of Google I/O

These are opportunities that we should use to put our skills to use and improve our respective areas and countries by developing apps for the AAC and participating in the DevFestW! GDG Mbale will be organizing sessions to help those participating in the AAC network and cooperate instead of competing for a common objective of innovation.

Include GDG Mbale in your circles on Google plus by clicking here and also go to GDG Mbale page on Google Developers site, login from the top right corner, refresh the page then click I am a member button that will show up on the right. You will need a Google account to this successfully.
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Happy Coding for AAC and DevFestWing