Thursday, 30 May 2013

GDG BarCamp Kampala,

The first round of Africa Android Challenge (AAC) whose deadline was 25 April led to a big number of events across the African continent as various countries celebrated and congratulated the people behind the winning apps in their countries.
In Uganda, GDG BarCamp Kampala took place on 10 May 2013 at +Outbox. Out of the eight submissions from Uganda  BodaPay a mobile app that helps its users estimate the cost of their intended journed while using public means in Kampala emerged winner followed by Sms2Audio, an application which converts incoming text messages to audio automatically.
BodaPay was developed by a team of members including +daniel ogwok, Micheal Tukei, Enos Wakoko and John Biretwa while Sms2Audio was developed by +George Machibya.
The team behind BodaPay received onetouch Evo 7HD, a tablet from Alcatel onetouch and +George Machibya got a phone that he received after the event.

The submission for the second round of Africa Android Challenge started on 26 May 2013 and it will go on until June 15, 2013. By June 20, 2013 the winners will be announced and from September 15, 2013 the winners will travel(all-expenses-paid) to the Android/Google Developer Group community event.
Participants at GDG BarCamp Kamapla

GDG BarCamp Kampala was very awesome and all involving as it brought participants from far and near including a delegation from +GDG Busitema+GDG Mbale and +GDG Makerere.
Prior to the presentation of app there was a speaker session about Android best practices by +Zed Jasper Onono.
Thumbs up for Alcatel onetouch, Google and JCertif for the amazing sponsorship, +Outbox for the awesome organization and all participants for their time and effort.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Africa GDG Barcamps

Wow the experience was uncomfortably exciting, we had the Africa Android Challenge (AAC) first round submission dead line on 25 April 2013. This was a very amazing round with many submissions, thank you to all the cool minded Android developers on the continent who had their time to come up with solutions to  real situations on the continent. Thank you to Alcatel onetouch, Google and Jcertif for the amazing sponsorship.
There were GDG Barcamps  held on April 27, to celebrate the winner  and also build momentum around Android application development and Google technologies as the AAC management team did its work of assigning judges to the big number of apps that were submitted from around the continent.
Among the event that were held on April 27 inclued:

Cool moments at GDG BarCamp Goma
GDG BarCamp Goma, the first event of this kind in Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) had good turn up as the organizers saw a big number than they had expected. During the event demos of MobiTour, an Atlas of DRC and DicoKongo, a dictionary app of one of the national languages in DRC were made in addition to other technical talks and session that included one from Google's +Divon Lan. Thumbs up for  +Michel Isamuna upon the cool job done. Photos from GDG BarCamp Goma

 +GDG Mbale and +GDG Busitema had a synced event that took place at GDG Mbale's home (Mbale). The day was very great with in depth presentations and demos of submitted apps that included code explanations as the Android geeks were answering technical questions and getting suggestions of how to improve their apps. The main GDG Barcamp(Kampala) will be a hosted at +Outbox hub on 10 May 2013, this is where the winner for Uganda will be awarded from. To improve the quality off apps from this region, +GDG Mbale  and +GDG Busitema were given latest android devices from Alcatel onetouch for testing their members' apps. GDG Barcamp Mbale & Tororo had cool high lights like the presentation done by +GDG Busitema's Kanyali Nelson about his ATM mobile based security system.
Full house at GDG Barcamp Mbale & Busitema
Due to the big number of apps submitted from Uganda the winner was not announced, however this will be done after all the apps are judged by a panel of judges screened by AAC management team.The winner will be announced then awarded at the main country, GDG Barcam Kampla . Thanks to +Nicholas Kamanzi who mobilezed and led +GDG Busitema members to Mbale.

GDG Barcamp Addis Ababa was also held on the 27 of May in the capital of Ethiopia. Several presentations were made during the event about AAC, technical android development and the opportunities involved. This event was blessed by the presence of Alcatel regional Director, Mr. Zane who gave a keynote speech. The deputy CTO of  Ethio Telecom was part of this amazing event too. Winning app of the contest was announced to be  “ learn Amharic " by Bantyder   . His presentation about his app was so excellent that Alcatel again promised to award him another phone
Group photo at GDG Barcamp Addis Ababa
GDG BarCamp Cote D'ivoire happened on 27, during the event the winner of first round in this country name Ismael ToĆ© who developed an app called Suan was announced and awarded. 
A ward giving at GDG Barcamp Cote D'ivoire

Many other events happened across Africa which included the following. Get more details and a look at the photos from the links provided or by clicking on the name of the Barcamp.

GDG Barcamp Mombasa took place on 4 May 2013. This was another tech buzz that hit the coast despite the heavy rains. There were demos of apps by +Said Fuad who talked about GDG Barcamps and AAC, a talk about General Android application development by +Alifiyah Ganijee and the cutting of a nicely designed cake(yummy...!) made the event more enjoyable. See event summary and the photos  as well.
GDG Barcamp Mombasa organizing team 

GDG Barcamp Dakar took place on 4 May 2013 photo
GDG Barcamp Benin photos , 
Upcoming events include GDG Barcamp Kampala on 10 May
Other event not mentioned here will be brought to you as soon as details are available.
Congratulation to all those who participated in the first round, may you keep the innovation candle burning for a better Africa.

Nsubuga Hassan
Social Media Manager
AAC Management Team 2013