Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Africa Android Challenge a GDGs and JUGs' seed of innovation in 2014

It takes strength, resources and a lots of brain activity for one to come up with a solution to a problem affecting society. On that note, thumbs up to all the folks on the African continent who have come out heads up to solve real African problems by participating in this year's African Android Challenge (AAC).
AAC 2014 official logo
To those reading new as of now, the challenge started on 30 Jan 2014 and it has only 28 days left to end the submission of apps for the first round on 30 April 2014. The deadline for submission of apps has been moved from 10 April, 2014 to 30 April, 2014 to give you folks time to finish and submit your apps. This is also to help you who is just going to get started with the opportunity to participate.
AAC is a community initiative by African developers brought together by Google Developer Groups (GDGs) and Java User Groups (JUGs) to solicit, look for and help African talents to innovate for the mobile platform. Last year the challenge impacted over 1800 developers in over 20 countries. We hope this year's to go beyond that.

We are happy to work with you all to have the best of this year's AAC. To ensure this happens, Alcatel one touch the Gold sponsor of AAC increased on the number of latest awesome phones and tablets for the winners and Organizers who will stand out doing all what they can to make this year's AAC special.
Gold sponsor of Africa android challenge
There are two rounds like last year, round one will have one semi-finalist per section per Country and round two will have one finalist per section among semi-finalist ( more information)
Checkout the Rules of AAC, it is important as there is a lot to know about.
For those who wish to get started, please get good resources from our website to help you walk a smooth  innovation path on Android. There are a lot more cool stuff coming to the best developers, please stay tuned for some cool news regarding Coders4Africa and AAC sponsorship, you might be hired!
For those participating in this challenge please join this participants' community on Google plus to share and discus with fellow participants.
With the deadline moved, lets get to work for the best, do not "Just do it" have focus on your user's experience (UX), there is a playlist here about UXD to help you get upto speed. There are some cool resources shared to help with Google Cloud Endpoints too.